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pang: dang everyone is using the name charle for charles now
pang: i remember way back in the day when charlie and i were the only ones
pang: rocks in rocking chair slowly
snail knight ike: ancient
snail knight ike: ancient fandom grannies



You know how when people want to say “I would have sex with that person so fast" they sometimes say "I’d hit that like the fist of an angry god"?

I vote we amend that to “I’d hit that like the fist of a pissed-off Charles Xavier.”




Prisoner One.

Even though part of me feels that sock in the jaw was richly deserved, just as much of me is going “oh Erik.”

I really can’t get over that moment in the last trailer, where Erik tells Charles that he should have fought harder, because like Charles still has that chess set in his study, Erik had still hoped Charles would have reached out.

The last trailer gave me all the Erik feels. This one has me sympathizing hardcore with Charles.

This movie is going to tear me apart, one way or the other.

When my grandmother was a child she was in a concentration camp and on the rare occasions that she talked about it, she often would say everyone in the camps were just numbers to the Nazis, not considered human enough for a names. That seemed to be one of the more scarring memories for her.

So, it makes me dreadfully sad to see he’s been reduced down to being just a number again.

am over the punch high. just cryin over erik now


watched the trailer over and over again until I was just watching this pre punch moment over and over again

people maybe thinkin i hate Erik or something because of my rejoicing in that punch. no man. erik is my fav. he my baby. i luv him to the end of time

this is cherik and its hard to explain

mizz u

i here now

'welcome to the punch' was just foreshadowng for this moment tho