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— Anonymous: what specific shade of blue would you say mcavoy's eyes are


they are the color of the collective tears of everyone in this fandom


good morning trash, and welcome to another trash tastic day.

pan is snape pass it on



i cannot describe how tickled i am by the fact that pangeasplits is apparently Arthur and im apparently Eames

this……explains a lot

oh my GOD why is your LIST SO GOOD MINE WAS SHIT pangeasplits.tumblr.com… FUCK


I think it’s cause we’re both dicks but I’m E instead of I so I have a lot of Magnificent Bastard types 

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i cannot describe how tickled i am by the fact that pangeasplits is apparently Arthur and im apparently Eames

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If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here

Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five friends and let them know you tagged them.

ENTP: The Architect

More than half the people on this list are some degree of Raging Asshole I love it.

Tagging whoever wants to do this but pangeasplits has to do it if she hasn’t already B^J




terrible cherik au ideas that I would read:

  • twilight: Charles is Edward, Erik is Bella and actually does not want eternal life he wants to just read his damn book and study for the GMAT (I can’t imagine high school students sorry)
  • 50 shades of grey: Charles is a high powered businessman who sends a contract for an elaborate BDSM relationship to barista Erik, who sends him back a picture of him laughing
  • old boring marrieds fighting over laundry
  • old boring marrieds at meet the teacher night at school
  • old boring marrieds getting the kids ready for prom
  • non cherik but charles taking out one of the kids for a night on the town after they weren’t asked out to the dance
  • old boring marrieds
  • beauty & the beast with charles as the beast
  • I literally do not have any other ideas
  • no seriously I suck at ideas
  • even asking other people to write stuff it’s just like “uhm sewing is easy bc there is a pattern and instructions and it’s all about painting within the lines”
  • fack
  • Happy Tuesday

terrible cherik aus

  • amicable mutual break up
  • au where erik can manipulate dairy and charles can read smells
  • 1920s au where erik is a poor jewish immigrant in new york and charles is from a rich old family and they literally never ever meet
  • starry sky au where charles is a star and erik is a star and they both explode and die
  • au where shaw/schmidt is killed by an unknown mossad agent in 1959. erik and charles accidentally meet for one day in 1986 and have an argument over whether erik left his briefcase in front of charles’ wheelchair and never see each other again.
  • princess bride au where erik is inigo and charles is buttercup’s distant cousin
  • au where old boring marrieds is a terrible idea instead of a great one

I really really want the AU of the briefcase in front of Charles’ wheelchair one where instead of never seeing each other again, they get married.






I just saw the actual words ‘We know Magneto’s story intimately. It has been told often. He was a victim once. And then he decided that Genocide was okay. ‘ used by someone trying to assert that Magneto is a bad bad naughty villain and not a victim at all except oh that one time


I have no words


I’m really glad someone else called out that bullshit before I did. People just whittling down 50 years of characterization to “And then he decided Genocide was okay” like??? 


Max I didn’t realise you reblogged it with that gif I’m dying.

But yeah what ahuraboltagon said. At the risk of coming off as Taking Fiction Way Too Seriously, I also find it sketchy as hell to say something like ‘he was a victim once’ to describe like…living through the Holocaust…and general oppression…that persists through his (and other mutants’) entire life…y’know.

I think people forget that it wasn’t only the horrors of the Holocaust that made Magneto the way he is. He survived that and he escaped, he made a life for himself, married the love of his life and had a daughter. Then humans burnt down his house. They wouldn’t let him save his child from the blaze. They held him down and beat him while his only child was burning to death in their family home. His rage overcame him and he used his powers to get revenge, and in horror, his wife fled. His daughter died, and his wife disappeared. He survived the genocide of his people and tried to live a normal, happy life afterwards only to have that taken away from him by humans again. It’s the repeated tragedy and pain that broke (or made) Magneto.

None of this justifies the things he did in later life, of course, but it offers an explanation. I don’t think people really understand when they say things like that OP. If you survived all of that… do you think you would be clear headed? Do you think you wouldn’t be clouded by despair and rage? Do you think you wouldn’t be unstable for a long, long time? No. 

All in all: don’t try to summarise the long history of a man you don’t understand. His story can’t be so easily explained in that way. 


“Time does not bring relief; you all have lied”

BY  Edna St. Vincent Millay