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Allow me to complain about something

The other day Barry and I went to the Lounge near Melbourne Central and ordered food, but then we were asked for identification, which was a bid odd since I have never heard of being asked for ID there and we weren’t ordering any alcohol

Anyway Barry produced an ID card and this rough conversation followed:

'we don't accept these'

'why not'

'we don't accept foreign drivers licenses'

”that’s not a driver’s license this is what I use for my visa and phone and internet accounts it should be good enough for a restaurant’

'we don't accept foreign that either'

'then how do foreigners eat here'

'a passport will do'

'I need a passport to eat at your restaurant'

And then we had to leave the restaurant because foreign uni students or not we don’t carry our passports around everywhere :’)

Unfortunately I poked a bit into the legal things and while this really isn’t my area it does seem like they were completely within their rights to do that

:’) ah well

  1. -ml said: You should invite the staff round for dinner then at the door be like ‘WE DON’T ACCEPT AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE SORRY’
  2. synekdokee said: Slightly OT but my 19 year old friend got carded for cigarettes in Texas and when she showed them her passport, they wouldn’t sell her because “This is a fake. Finland isn’t a real country.”
  3. insufficientskill said: A lot of restaurants technically abide by that policy but I guess they don’t bother since we generally look over 18…I just don’t like that the enforcement of this rule is so arbitrary :/ alSO I CAN’T CONCENTRATE ON THIS ESSAY??
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