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Bad pick up lines 13/?


I promised pangeasplits space pornz as reward for a happy ending of Jupiter Jazz, so here you go Panpan, I’m glad you didn’t kill either or both of them off 8’)))) *pets gently*

Full image under-the-cut~  *WONK*

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Professor X's Guide to Zombie Survival

Rating: Mature (for now)

Pairing:Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, and others.

Summary: Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr had been living content and very separate lives. Charles didn’t ask to become Professor X, Zombie Expert and Researcher. Erik didn’t ask to become Magneto, Zombie Hunter Extraordinaire. It goes without saying that neither of them asked for a zombie apocalypse.

Still, what better place for romance than a groaning, shambling, undead world?

Warnings: Character Undeath, Moderate Violence

Holy shit, I posted something! A completely ridiculous zombie apocalypse AU from yours truly.








one time i was at a nightclub and it was really dark and i met a guy and we didnt really talk he kind of just like guided me to the dance floor and we grinded on eachother and made out and he whispered wanna go to my place in my ear and i was like yeah ok so we went outside to get a cab and we looked at each other in the light of the streetlight and he turned out to be my bio. teacher and he literally sprinted away




Cherik it


"Do you want to come back to my place?"

Erik’s hand on the man’s shirt tightened, trying to sort through the sounds to know for certain he’d heard what he’d heard. The music was still so loud, pounding in his ears.

He nodded heartily, in case the man could see more clearly. It was dark and the only lights were coming from a line of strobe lights that periodically blinded Erik. He saw flashes of colored light shine against the man’s cheek and hair and his eyes, but mostly had been feeling the man’s body against him. People had encroached around them and Erik hadn’t let go of him for so long, afraid he’d slip away.

"Yes, let’s go."

The shorter man grabbed Erik’s shirt and pulled.

When they finally escaped the club, there was a veritable wall of fresh air. Erik was almost overwhelmed by the lack of bodies and heat and sounds. It was still dark out at night, but so much more visible. As Erik’s eyesight cleared on the man next to him, his stomach rose.

The man’s voice started to penetrate his cloudy hearing just as he realized what Erik was realized.

"…just around the—oh my god."

Erik swallowed.

The man standing in front of him, who’d only felt supple and firm and looked vaguely pleasing in the club, was definitely his Biology teacher. He knew because there’d been a school-wide stir at the beginning of the year about the super cute new Bio teacher who fresh out of college and looked something of a high-schooler himself.

Erik hadn’t engaged in the gossip, but Mr. Xavier was also teaching his Advanced Biology class. And he was, in fact, super cute.

He was even ridiculously cute as his cheeks darkened while he simultaneously looked Erik up and down and backed away from him.

Despite knowing what he was seeing, Erik couldn’t stop a strained, unfortunately high pitched exclamation of “Mr. Xavier?!” come out of his mouth.

"Oh, fuck me," Mr. Xavier said, shaking his head. "I could have swore you were…"

"We’re probably not going back to your place now, are we?"

Mr. Xavier looked even more spooked. “No, I’m not… No. I’m just…”

He pointed vaguely to the right, but instead of finishing his sentence he just ran away down the street.

After taking some time for what had just happened to set into Erik’s head, he decided to walk home. He certainly wasn’t going to go back into the club, irrationally afraid he’d pick up his shop teacher next or something. Which would be infinitely worse seeing as Mr. Behm was sixty-two and married.

Erik only got a block away before a car slowed and stopped next to him. He could see Mr. Xavier hesitating on the inside.

After rolling down the window, he said, “I am not propositioning you. I just don’t think you should be walking home alone this late.”

"I am eighteen, you—"

"No. No. Stop talking. Just get the car. Nothing happened. I’ll take you home. We’ll never speak of this again."

Erik groaned and stepped into the car, but he’d be damned if he let the year go out without hooking up with his hot bio teacher now knowing he was amenable to picking up strangers at gay clubs.

lol i was going through my cherik tag for reasons and i had 800% forgot about this wth is this


oh my god



The fire is crackling merrily.

Or it would be, if fire were capable of actual human emotion, good god, he’s starting to act like Charles, and automatically assume that everything in the goddamn world is happy at all times.  Erik could weep.

Charles, who has yet to show himself.

Erik grins.  He can wait.

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post some of my X-men fanart  recently.

 I don’t know why none of the girls choose Charles XDDDDD




Logan will be the key person who guides Charles and be patient with him. But I still hope desperately that Erik would do something for Charles like what Charles once did for him. Maybe there will be some barriers no one can breach except Erik? ;)









New still from XMDOFP. Charles, Erik and chess!

(via amarriageoftrueminds) SHOULDERZ! hrrrrrrgggnnnnn *ded*

^ oh, god, yes yes yes jfc yes

Cosigned with great enthusiasm.

Also, goddamn, look at their positions there: Charles leaning forward aggressively, forcing the issue, staring straight at Erik…

And Erik hunched over, hands folded, gaze averted.

I imagine it’s just a moment in time, but… Erik looks so chastened. I can easily imagine him sliding down out of that chair and laying his head in Charles’s lap, a la several million gorgeous fanart images.

Moments in time make fandom go round! And in this moment, Charles looks unlikely to take any of Erik’s shit.


Rebloggin again because “I can easily imagine him sliding down out of that chair and laying his head in Charles’s lap, a la several million gorgeous fanart images.” *u* YES. *scrambles for pen*


It’s finiiiiiiiiiished! (Watch me catch some glaring mistake an hour later orz.)

Set in Rise to Rule AU, this is more of a metaphorical pin-up type pic than an illustration of what actually happens in the ‘verse. Charles uses his powers to protect their minds, while Erik uses his powers to physically protect them. :)

I had fun with the colouring technique. I tried to stick to a very small colour palette (red, blue, purple, greys, and yellow), so this is what I ended up with! I enjoyed the process, so I’ll probably keep experimenting with that technique for other pics.

garnetquyen: Trick or treat~ *leans on your door frame*



The doorbell rang.

Erik opened the door to find Charles dressed like an octopus. “I had an inkling that you wanted to see me tonight.”

"I plan on keeping you octopi’d for quite awhile," Erik said, and then yanked him inside.

And then sex.

LMAO Sexytopus and Captain Shark Y/Y? d(ゝ∀・*)