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Charles and Erik from X-Men: First Class, because, yes, I have a new obsession, thank you very much

I really like this picture, it’s only a lineart with a general light source, but I will finish it… one day 8D

I suck at drawing real people, apologies to Mr. McAvoy and Mr. Fassbender >_>

This is lovely.

Oh, beautiful. I love the lineart-with-light-source all on its own.

So gorgeous!

this is in fanmail now

Sharkie: baby come back
Sharkie: You can blame it all on me
Charlie: I am not coming back
Charlie: And I'm blaming it all on you whether or not you give me permission

#this is what happens when Erik finds that Charles has been sleeping around again

oh come on

#accurate sldkjaf

;~; nou


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