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In trying to find a significant quote from or about Remus Lupin, the most common phrase that accompanied Remus throughout every book was simply, “Lupin smiled”.

#tears shirt off #screams in to the night #runs in to the wilderness never to return

People think dreams aren’t real just because they aren’t made of matter, of particles. Dreams are real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes.


The kids who changed their fate, followed their destiny, changed the way they see the world. They are the ones who stood up to fate, who challenged their destiny, and in return found a family, a home, and themselves. 



#One night the Doctor is going through the TARDIS and he finds Donna’s hatbox #and he looks through it and she has beanies and big floppy hats #and hats that look like small small woodland creatures atop your head #and she has a stetson in there and even a fez #so he can’t believe his luck months (and one body later) when he finds a fez #and he puts it on and thinks of Donna and her hatbox #and he insists that he’s wearing it because Fezzes Are Cool #(”and they are very cool Amy. Why are you making that face? You clearly don’t understand high fashion okay #because fezzes are the very pinnacle of stylish come the 37th century and Amy Pond stop laughing at me right now!”) #but maybe just a little part of him is thinking about another brilliant ginger who was unafraid to laugh at him #and maybe when the stetson shows up later he jams it right on his head #and his hearts break just a little for his lost Donna Noble #and maybe that’s what gives him the strength to use his trip to come back and help Craig clean up #because he remembers this loud ginger friend he once had #who would always remind him that sometimes he needs someone - sometimes all you need is a mate (via winterinthetardis)


This is some of the most beautiful stuff to me. 


Walk in winter, Alex Shandurov